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Nautilus Fly Reels

Nautilus Fly Reels: Built to meet the harsh demands placed on today's fly fishing reels...

Fish one of your favorite Nautilus reels today.


Anglers know they can trust Nautilus fly reels.

The team behind Nautilus reels are 7th generation engineering and metal master craftsman who have worked in the fishing industry for all of those 7 generations.  Kristen Mustad, the owner of Nautilus reels, is obsessed with innovating world-class fly fishing reels that are constantly pushing the edge.

As one of the largest Nautilus reel dealers in the world, Stillwater Fly Shop inventories each and every variety of Nautilus reel known to mankind. Your friends at Stillwater will  provide you with the knowledge to all the benefits, strengths and features on the right Nautilus reel to choose for your specific fly fishing needs. 

Nautilus Fly reels were designed by fly fisherman with a passion for the best. Kristen Mustad is a 6th generation metal machinist.  Kris hails from the famous Norwegian company, O. Mustad and sons, a metal mechanics company founded in Norway in 1832 that even today is still most famous for its horse shoe nails and fishing hooks.   

The team at Nautilus reels is driven to produce the highest quality, most innovative fly fishing reels in the fly fishing industry.  They continue to invent, design and manufacture one of the leading fly fishing reels in the world.  Whether its the Nautilus FWX reel or their Nautilus NV 8/9 reels, they continue to deliver products that can certainly live up to their hype of being TESTED ON ANIMALS.

Nautilus reels are built to deliver top quality performance for the demands of today's fly fisherman.  Their sealed drag system can withstand anything that the tough saltwater environment wants to deliver.  The only bad thing about fishing Nautilus reels, you won't want to get off the water.

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