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Hardy Fly Rods

Hardy fly rods: enjoy legendary quality – and a free fly line – with every purchase of Hardy fly rods.

Hardy has been perfecting its rods for more than a century. Its name is synonymous with design excellence and top-quality materials with anglers throughout the world. Try one of these rods and you’ll quickly see why.

Plus, get a free fly line (up to a $100 value) with your purchase of any Hardy fly rods. Select from top fly line brands, such as Scientific Anglers, Rio, Airflo, Cortland and Wulff. Just let us know which weight and style of fly line you prefer, and we’ll send it to you. Order yours now!

Choose your Hardy fly rods from Stillwater Fly Shop today.

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$599.00 – $899.00 


$599.00 – $949.00 


$399.00 – $529.00 


$750.00 – $825.00 


$449.00 – $549.00 


$325.00 – $425.00 


$1,299.00 – $1,499.00 


$259.95 – $329.95 


$269.95 – $359.95 


$169.99 – $189.99 


$119.99 – $149.99 

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Find exactly the Hardy rods that meet your needs.

Stillwater Fly Shop offers a variety of Hardy rods, so you can be assured you’ll find one that’s perfect for you:

  • Performance fly fishing rods (Demon, Marksman, Uniqua, Angel 2): Emphasizes high performance for life through a combination of stellar design, advanced technology and Hardy’s fly fishing expertise.
  • SINTRIX fly fishing rods (Proaxis, Zenith): Constructed with materials that make these rods up to 60% stronger and 30% lighter than conventional carbon fiber rods, and deliver greatly improved impact resistance.
  • Classic fly fishing rods (Glass, Classic Lightweight): Features old-style designs that have been refined throughout the years with modern technology to meet the demands of today.

Be sure to buy your Hardy fly rods from Stillwater Fly Shop. Here’s why!

You’ll save money and enjoy other important extras – like a 100% satisfaction guarantee – when your purchase your Hardy rods from us.

  • Free shipping within the United States on all fly fishing gear for sale
  • Free shipping outside the United States on most orders over $395
  • Same-day shipping available on fly fishing gear for sale
  • No sales tax charged
  • Trade-up program available
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Choose your favorite from Hardy rods at Stillwater Fly Shop today!

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