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Sage Fly Rods

Sage fly rods: built to meet – and exceed – your expectations.

Sage fly fishing rods emphasize performance advantages through new materials, designs and construction methods. It’s been that way since 1980, when renowned rod designer Don Green founded the company with one idea in mind. Namely, to build the world’s best-performing fly fishing rods.

In today's vast and often complicated world of line availability it is sometimes difficult to understand which line will cast the best with a specific rod. Long time Far Bank representative George Cook as well as Sage/Rio, has developed a breakdown based on two distinct categories: Performance and Load preferences. These guides lines will help you traverse line selection and mirror up the best options for matching a line to a rod.  Look for these guidelines on each of Sage Rods individual pages.

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Sage fly rods: Designed to be the ultimate fly fishing rods

Green revolutionized fly fishing by incorporating superior materials and the design expertise he gained while working with Fenwick and Grizzly rod companies. Today, anglers from over 30 countries rely on Sage fly rods to give them the ultimate fly fishing experience. Order yours now!

No matter the type of fly fishing, there’s a Sage fly rod that’s perfect for you.

Sage has devoted decades of design, research, development and testing to create fly fishing rods that excel in every situation.

These hand-built Sage fly rods are meant to help you master the art and science of fly fishing. All fly fishing rods from Sage are built on the principle that fly rods should never run out of power.

Stillwater Fly Shop carries a full line of Sage fly rods that will cater to your specific needs:

  • All water: Vantage, Flight, VXP and TCX series
  • Freshwater: TXL-F and ZXL series
  • Saltwater: X13 series
  • Specialty: 99 series and ESN series
  • Two-handed (spey and switch): VXP, TCX and Z-Axis series

Want some help selecting the best Sage fly rod for your preferences?

Enjoy free shipping and no sales tax when you buy your Sage fly rod from us.

With your purchase, you’ll automatically qualify for the following:

  • A 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every Sage fly fishing rod
  • Free shipping within the USA on all fly fishing gear for sale
  • Free shipping outside the USA on most order over $395
  • Same-day shipping available on fly fishing gear for sale
  • No sales tax on all your orders
  • Access to our trade-up program

Order your Sage fly rod now!

Results1-25 of 2612
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