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Hardy Fly Rods

Hardy Fly Rods at Stillwater Fly Shop

Be part of a bigger story that started in 1872 with your next Hardy fly rod.

All over the globe, there are people who love to fish and in the universal language of the sport, one name reigns supreme—that of Hardy.

For well over a century, Hardy has been renowned as the manufacturer of the finest game fishing tackle in the world - the name is synonymous with quality and excellence. Such reputations are not acquired easily, but it has never faltered throughout the Company's long history.

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$449.00 – $549.00 

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Stillwater Fly Shop carries a variety of Hardy rods, to help you choose the one meant for you. 

  • Performance fly fishing rods (Demon, Marksman, Uniqua, Angel 2): Emphasizes high performance for life through a combination of stellar design, advanced technology and Hardy’s fly fishing expertise.
  • SINTRIX fly fishing rods (Proaxis, Zenith): Constructed with materials that make these rods up to 60% stronger and 30% lighter than conventional carbon fiber rods, and deliver greatly improved impact resistance.
  • Classic fly fishing rods (Glass, Classic Lightweight): Features old-style designs that have been refined throughout the years with modern technology to meet the demands of today.

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