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Lamson Reels

Lamson reels: get superior design and performance with Lamson fly reels along with a free fly line.

Lamson’s approach to fly fishing reels says a lot about the company. They feel if they can’t produce a particular type of fly reel better than what’s currently on the market, they won’t make it.

Besides this commitment to the highest quality products, Lamson only focuses on fly fishing gear, and uses every bit of their expertise and experience on each product.  Order your fly fishing reel now.

PLUS -- Receive a BONUS Fly Line with the purchase of Lamson fly reels from Stillwater Fly Shop and Save!!!

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Lamson fly reels: Fish the innovate Lamson reel series

The team at Waterworks-Lamson pride themselves on staying at the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

See for yourself by trying out a Lamson fly reel.

As a bonus, we’ll include a BONUS fly line with any regular-priced purchase, as follows:

Select from Scientific Anglers, Rio, Airflo, Cortland or Wulff fly lines at the time of purchase when you select your reel.

Don't forget to also select your retrieval direction and whether you would like your Lamson fly reel rigged with backing and the line.

Experience the difference a Lamson fly reel makes.

Lamson’s founders started their company because of their passion for product design and love of fly fishing. The state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and processes Lamson employs results in the highest possible standards of precision, finish and function.

You’ll notice this right away when you use any of these Lamson fly reels – and you’ll wish you had made your purchase sooner.

By the way, as part of their commitment to quality, Lamson offers personal assistance throughout the lifetime of your product.

Buy your Lamson reels from us. Enjoy free shipping and other valuable perks.

With every purchase of Lamson fly reels from Stillwater Fly Shop, you qualify for the following:

Get ready for your next fly fishing expedition with a new Lamson fly reel – purchase yours today.

Results1-25 of 2712
Sort by NameSort by Price

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