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Trade up Program

Here's our solution:
We want to give you the option of purchasing the new gear you have been wanting without having to get in trouble. No more being told you already have enough of that fly fishing stuff.

Let us sell the current gear you have and use the proceeds from that sale as credit towards the purchase of new gear from us. That's absolutely correct, we will trade in your old gear and use the money from that sale as credit towards the purchasing of the brand new gear you have been wanting but thought you might get in hot water from that certain loved one for purchasing!!!

It really is that simple. It has been done for decades in the car business. We are doing it now in the fly fishing business...

Here's how we do it:
You contact us via our
tradeup@stillwaterflyshop.com email address and provide us all the information about the gear you are looking to “Trade Up.” We will provide you with our best judgment on the resale value of the gear. If we both agree with that resale value, you send us your gear. Once we have received and examined the gear, you are then free to use the agreed upon value as store credit towards the purchase of anything in our store, excluding other demo or trade up items.

It’s that easy. You don't have to spend any time trying to figure out how to sell your old gear, how much its worth or who on earth you are going to convince to buy it. Leave that worry to us. It leaves you time to concentrate on the important things: Planning the next fly fishing outing to test your brand new gear!!!!

Shipping Address to Send Us your Old Gear:

Shipping and freight costs for sending the old gear to us are your responsibility. Please insure and ship the old gear via UPS or FedEx to

Stillwater Fly Shop
c/o Trade Up Program
56898 Enterprise Dr
Sunriver, OR 97707


Please include a detail accounting of your correspondence with us, the value for each article and what you are going to buy.  We receive numerous items daily and this aid you in receiving your purchased goods quicker.


In the meantime, head over to our trade-up area and browse for that perfect rod or reel.

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