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Redington Waders

Redington Waders: Extra value and comfort as well as the latest in Redington Sonic Pro waders technology.

Want to stay dry all day? Order your Redington Waders now!

Don't delay - Order your Redington wader today from Stillwater Fly Shop.

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Redington Sonic Pro waders feature the latest in innovative design and technology from the team at Redington waders

Every fly fisherman wants their fly fishing waders to keep them dry.  If fly fisherman didn't care about getting wet, they would wet wade.  When fly fishing waders use stitching on their seams, the stitching creates small holes in the waders.  Holes allow the potential for water to leak into the fly fishing waders.

Fly fisherman wear fly fishing waders to keep dry...not get wet.  Enter Redington Sonic Pro waders and the Sonic welded technology. The Sonic Pro waders from Redington utilize the latest in sonic technology to seal the seams on their fly fishing waders. No holes means no potential for water to leak thru those holes and get you wet....That's good news especially when your fly fishing trip is in the Winter!!!

Looking for another reason to order Redington waders from your friends at Stillwater?   Purchase your Redington waders from Stillwater Fly Shop and you'll automatically receive these added extras:

  • Same-day shipping available
  • Pay NO sales tax
  • Utilize the trade-up program
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Redington Sonic Pro waders as well as all Redington waders are made in various sizes and styles to meet the needs of all fly fishing situations including these popular fly fishing waders:

Redington Sonic-Pro Zip Front Wader
Redington Sonic Pro Waders
Redington Sonic-pro wader pants
Redington Women waders

Take advantage now. Order your Redington Waders today!!!

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