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$700.00 – $775.00 



Receive a complimentary fly line when you purchase your Abel Reels from Stillwater Fly Shop!

If you want us to install a fly line on your reel you MUST select a backing option.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Abel Mooching Fly Reel in Vibrant, Solid Color Finish!

If you're a repeat customer, you know what makes shopping at Stillwater a no-brainer. If you're new, welcome to the family! Here are a few great reasons to shop Stillwater Fly Shop:

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    Coastal and Great Lakes-area anglers who target salmon, halibut or other deepwater gamefish have a new tool: the Abel Moocher

    Founded in 1988, Abel enjoys the reputation of manufacturing the finest fly fishing reel in the industry. Using our patented cork drag, fully-machined frame and other components – the Moocher opens new sales outlets from Alaska down the Pacific coast.

    Constructed with the patented "smooth as silk" cork drag system which allows for fighting a fish without stutter or hesitation - critical on a halibut, Chinook salmon or lake trout hell-bent for freedom.

    Reels are fitted with an aluminum milled drag knob specifically designed for the demands required by the mooching angler.

    The spool is coupled with counterbalanced aluminum double handles to eliminate the slightest vibration during a fish’s long, high-speed run.

    Machined entirely in the USA from prime grade metals, the Abel Moocher utilizes a newly designed, but field test proven outgoing click mechanism with an increased audible sound for the mooching angler, and a super quick line retrieve.

    Abel Moochers are anodized with an exclusive quarter-century old proven system of corrosion-resistant metallurgy developed by the reel manufacturer.

    Moochers are available in black, various solid colors and all hand painted fish graphic anodizing patterns.

    Made in the USA.

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