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$84.99  $84.99


If you want us to install this fly line on a reel you MUST select a backing option when purchasing your reel.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Airflo Ridge Tropical Bonefish Floating Fly Line for fast smooth distance casting

Purchase your Airflo Ridge Fly Lines at Stillwater Fly shop and be prepared with the best for  casting long distances. Get FREE shipping and pay NO state sales tax too!

Airflo Ridge fly lines feature ridge coating, power core and extended rear taper.

  • Taper, coating and core combination work together to make this the most exciting bonefish flyline available.
  • Ridge coating for smooth performance.
  • Extended rear taper acts as a buffer zone on longer casts, allowing you to aerialise more line without collapse.
  • Power core allows you to set hooks even at long-distance ranges.

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  • Fast becoming a favorite of area guides, the Airflo Ridge Bonefish line is an incredible step forward for tropical line technology. Utilizing the new Ridge technology and Airflo's Power Core, the Ridge Bonefish line shoots like a rocket and takes the heat like no other.
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