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$89.99  $89.99


If you want us to install this fly line on a reel you MUST select a backing option when purchasing your reel.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Airflo Speydicator

Purchase your Airflo Speydicator at Stillwater Fly Shop and save with free shipping and pay no State sales tax, anywhere in the USA!

Airflo Speydicator is designed to throw unreasonably large weights with large indicators.

  • High-energy transfer taper design for improved turnover of large flies and heavy leaders.
  • Super slick dual lubrication PolyFuse XT coating
  • Braided core for improved suppleness and handling in cold conditions.
  • RTCM - rear taper casting marker included for visual casting aid.

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  • The Speydicator was designed to throw an unreasonable amount of weight at the end of an unreasonable length of tippet with an unreasonably large indicator. With the help of Steelhead junkies (who would rather remain unnamed) the Airflo Speydicator floating line has evolved into a tool any serous Steelhead Nymph fishermen cannot live without.

    The lines come in four sizes starting at WF4. They all have a short 21 to 23 foot head with a long 12 to 15 foot rear taper. Behind the rear taper is a 25 to 30 foot heavy level mending zone. The combination of the rear taper & mending zone allows the fisherman to reposition the head after casting and still have enough mass to stack mend line for 60 feet or more. After the mending zone the line is made with Airflo’s unique low stretch ridged running line, helping you to stick fish even at the end of the longest drifts.
    Product Use: 
    Developed specially for Super Long Dead Drifts with Lots of 'Junk' at the Business End
    Line Size: 

    Two Tone Sunrise Yellow / Fluo Orange

    High Float

    Core Material: 
    Low Stretch (65) Braided Power Core
    Ultra Supple Polyurethane (PU)

    Loop Type: 
    Flexi Loop with Line Marker
    Optimum Temperature Range: 
    -5c to 26c 
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    great line

    Using this line on a Loop 12'6wt 2-hander. It performs wonderfully. Great for indicator nymphing and can swing flies as well.




    One of the best

    I use this line on a Loop 12' 6wt spey rod for nymphing and sometimes swinging. Terrific!




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