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Badlands Bino X -- Large, Magnetic, Convenient and Water-tight

Buy your Badlands Bino X at Stillwater Fly Shop today!

The Bino X offers magnetic closure to protect your binoculars using Progressive Opening Technology

Badland's  magnetically closed Bino case, the fastest selling product in the company's history, it literally set a new standard in how people carry binoculars.

The Bino-X is not only the largest case, but it just raised the performance bar with its new "Progressive Opening Technology", now you can expose only as much of its inner treasures as the job requires, leaving everything else protected and dry.

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    • Holds 10x50s
    • Built In Lenses Cleaner
    • Magnetic Closure
    • 4 Point Harness, Hydration Compatible
    • Capacity: 200 Ci
    • Weight: 1 Lbs 8 Oz
    • Rifle/Bow: No / No
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