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Proudly Made in the USA!

If you're looking for a versatile product that you can carry with you on all your adventures, to have protection from sun, wind, mosquitoes, and anything else Mother Nature throws at you—without having to think about it—grab a BlackStrap Daily Tube and throw it in your pack. Always be prepared. The BlackStrap Daily Tube has antimicrobial technology in the fibers, so it won't stink either! All orders ship free from Stillwater Fly Shop with no sales tax in the US. Order your Daily Tube today!

The BlackStrap Daily Tube has brought a new level of functionality to the world of Fishing with an emphasis in heightened comfort and protection, each and every Daily Tube is 100% manufactured in the USA. A single layer of BlackStrap’s patented Tri-Blend fabric provides UPF 55+ sun protection (Blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays). The Daily Tube can be worn in a multitude of different ways including a neck tube, hood, beanie, headband, skull cap or flop top. When you are on the water in warm conditions, the Daily Tube will act as a moisture management tool to keep you dry, comfortable & protected. In cooler conditions or on early mornings, the Daily Tube insulates and keeps you warm.

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    • Lens Safe Outer Shell

    • Anti-Microbial Technology (no smell)

    • UPF 55+ (Blocks 99.9% of Harmful UV Rays)

    • Multiple Wearing Applications

    • 400% Quadra-Stretch (4 direction stretch)

    • 1 Size Fits

    • Poly/Nylon/Cashmere Washable

    • A True Product of The USA

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