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If you want us to install a fly line on your reel you MUST select a backing option.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

For the 'On-the-Go' Fishing Adventurist

When glitz and glamor is equally as important as the technology behind the reel, fish Cheeky. When you buy your Cheeky Strike 325 from Stillwater Fly Shop, we will sweeten the deal with a free fly line. You won't pay sales tax and your order will ship free! Now what are you waiting for? Pick your color and let's go fish!

When fishing spring creeks, mountain streams or small ponds, you need every advantage you can get. Easily spooked fish and nasty backcasts are par for the course, but that doesn’t stop you from chasing those elusive small water lunkers. If crawling along a streamside bank sounds like your style, the Strike 325 is designed for you.

The Strike 325’s 5.5 oz lightweight design is perfect for travel and packing in to those remote destinations. The 3.25” diameter and MAX Arbor minimize line memory ensuring immaculate presentation in even the most challenging of settings. The Strike 325 – performance, dependability and style for all your small water fly fishing needs.

Cheeky Strike 325 is the choice for fishing trout, grayling and bluegill.

Why Cheeky Reels? Cheeky is at the forefront of design and engineering. Here's a bit more on that..

Cheeky Reels feature an evolutionary Evo Synthetic Drag System which provides durability, stopping power, heat dissipation and a smooth start up. The sealed drag disk drag system lets nothing in or out, which is the basis behind the reel's durability.

Utilizing the largest arbor among large arbor reels, Cheeky Fly Reels increase line retrieval rates and reduce line memory. The reel also holds 20% more line than other large arbor reels!

Cheeky reels are extremely lightweight. Designed to complement your lightweight rod without compromising strength, Cheeky Reels have an extreme weight-to-strength ratio.

Easy mating system means you can switch out your spare spool without missing a step. No tools required. This is a major reason you should buy a spare spool with your reel purchase—keep them rigged up and ready to go so when conditions change, you don't have to miss a thing.

Changing retrieval direction on a Cheeky reel is also a super simple process. The more you can do independent of your local fly shop, the more you can do directly from the banks of your favorite river.

Cheeky Reels are designed to be the best reels on the market—the highest performing fly reels available with a splash of style to keep you feeling energized while you live out the best sport imagined.

Cheeky Reels are machined from 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum and anodized to endure the most gnarly elements you'll face. If you need more reasons to choose Cheeky, give us a call and you can hear it for yourself, direct from the Horse's mouth.

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