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Cortland Precision Trout Platinum, Dyna-Tip - Closeout

$51.75  $69.00



on Trout Platinum, Dyna-Tip - Closeout Purchase your Cortland gear at Stillwater Fly shop and save with FREE shipping and pay NO sales tax!

From small streams and spring creeks to tail waters and Western rivers, the Precision Platinum was designed from tip to taper to cover the full range of trout fishing conditions and challenges. Choose Cortland.

A longer head, extended rear taper, and larger diameter running line give you the maximum line control, both in the air and on the water. Built with a low memory jacket that stays supple in cold water but doesn't wilt in summer heat. Plus, the 3-foot, high floating Dyna-Tip (with a welded loop) floats higher and lands more softly for the ultimate in drag free drifts. Cortland "Precision Platinum". The best casting, the best floating, best fishing, all-round trout line ever!

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  • Sizes: WF 3 - 8
    Type: Floating
    Taper: Rocket 2
    Color: 3' White Tip / Sage
    Core: Nylon Braid
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