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$32.95  $32.95


If you want us to install this fly line on a reel you MUST select a backing option when purchasing your reel.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Floating Braided Polyethylene Mono Shooting Line

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Floating Shooting Line Applications:

Exceptional casting distance — minimal tangling Great for using in the surf

Length: 150’/45.7 m
Size: 29 lb
Diameter: 0.032”

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  • Line Characteristics:

    Floating braided polyethylene monofilament for maximum distance Low tangle out of striping baskets or on boat decks

    Stiffness: Low

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    Use in Nor'east fishing

    As a fly fisherman, I am not pleased with the Sci Angler's product. I use braided running line with shooting heads. I do the majority of my fly fishing in northeast saltwater, from the surf and from a boat for stripers, bluefish, false albacore, bonitos and the rare blue or yellowfin tuna. I use a stripping basket. 100 ft of braided mono running line adds incredible distance to casts, using shooting heads. Single filament running lines are too heavy and have memory issues, and most don’t do well in colder water. Knots don't go through the guides. Braided mono does it all. And it can be spliced to itself, to dacron backing, and directly to the shooting heads. Unfortunately Gudebrod and Cortland have ended production of their braided mono. Those were the only two sources of it in the US. The Sci Anglers braided polyethylene does none of this well, except that it is light. It tangles and knots too easily, and is not good for splicing, so it cannot also be used to fashion add-on spliced connector loops. I have yet to do that successfully with this Sci Anglers line. The diameter is too small. Perhaps if the diameter was larger it would work. Its breaking strength would increase beyond 29 lbs. (Cortland had 20, 30, and 50 lb, and Gudebrod’s was 35.) I have no general complaint with Sci Anglers, which is a fine company, just that this product does not suit well the style of fishing I and my buddies love to do.


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