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$1,250.00  $1,250.00

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If you want us to install your free fly line on a reel you MUST select a backing option when purchasing your reel.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Freestone Fly Rod

Purchase your Freestone fly fishing gear at Stillwater Fly shop and save with FREE shipping and pay NO State sales tax!

Finite Element Analysis Designing a fly rod is a complex process that requires enormous amounts of time and experience.   Choose Freestone.

Get a free fly line when you buy your Freestone fly rod at Stillwater.

Why not top off your purchase of one of our Freestone fly rods with a free fly line? As a bonus to our Freestone customers, we’ll give you a complimentary fly line when you buy any current production of an Freestone fly rod. Choose among top manufacturers. Just let us know which style and weight of fly line works best for your needs, and we’ll ship it with your purchase of your Freestone fly rod."

Why order Freestone fly rods from us?

It’s simple. When you buy Freestone products from Stillwater Fly Shop, besides getting a great price we include the following perks:

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  • One major advantage is rod durability. Fly rods ultimately fail because of extremely small design errors that usually only show themselves over time, largely because one part of the rod is working harder than the rest, producing strain on the rod similar to metal fatigue. Using FEA, we can electronically "magnify" those problem areas during the design stage and correct any inherent design flaws. This procedure produces extremely stable rods, with very low failure rates, even over long periods of time.

    FEA offers another benefit: there's no need to simply "make do" when it comes to choosing rod-building materials. We can now strategically select and manipulate materials to optimize performance. All aspects of how a fly rod delivers a line are vastly improved as a result.

    Anglers often, if sometimes mistakenly, attribute the performance of a rod to the material it's built from-an understandable confusion given the emphasis on materials in much of rod advertising. Different rod-building materials certainly behave differently, but a material is not the distinctive or exclusively defining feature of any fly rod ours included. Carbon-fiber and glass-composite typically made for the aerospace industry, not the fly fishing industry are available to all rod builders. Top quality Tonkin cane is also readily obtainable. Everyone in the industry "including us" has access to the same materials.

    It's worth remembering that a great fly rod is far less about the material it's made from than how that material is used to embody a performance idea.

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