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$259.00 – $289.00 



If you want us to install a fly line on your reel you MUST select a backing option.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Hardy Fly reels: Unbelievable value in the Hardy Ultralite CLS reel

The Hardy Ultralite CLS reel is a tremendous value for fly fisherman worldwide!

A practical, reliable cassette reel with a stunning aesthetic design.This reel includes the Hardy Line ID system - use the moveable, reuseable pins to mark the line type. Neater than marker pen, more reliable than stickers, and best of all can be changed when you change your line.

CLS stands for Cassette Locking System. This Hardy-designed feature instantly locks/unlocks the spool into place at the flick of a switch, meaning the spool is held securely, but easy to remove. It also reduces the stress placed upon working parts within the system to a minimum.

  • Centralised twin Rulon disc drag for smooth, powerful line control
  • Large arbour design for rapid retrieval and minimal line memory
  • Large backing capacities
  • Hardy fly line ID system - mark the spools with the line type using supplied pins
  • 6061 bar stock aerospace grade aluminium construction, fully anodised
  • Tool-less conversion from left to right hand wind
  • Modified polycarbonate spools with captive release
  • Supplied with three spools, and sufficient ID pins to make up three lines
  • Supplied with Hardy neoprene reel & spool case

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    CLS 5000

    Bought this after a recommendation from a mate. Its a great red, hardy quality, great bang for buck, a quality real, feels solid, good drag and big enough spool to take WF7/8. it works really well with the gel spy backing. BIG TIP..BUY THE 300 YARDS it works a treat as you put 80 yards on each of the spools and it loads to the required depth on all 3 spools supplied with the reel. The line (I got the rio gold) is the icing on the cake,= for this deal. You really so need a good reason NOT to buy this reel for the average freshwater fisherman who needs a cheap spare spool costs. The spool costs of other reels in this quality just price them out for me bearing in mind the reel holds line for freshwater folk. just great deal.




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