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A magnificent rod, effortless to use!

The award-winning Zenith continues to be one of the most talked about rods in the world, and with 19 models in the range there's a Zenith for every fishing situation. Of course you don't need another fly rod, but this is not just another fly rod...

Hardy SINTRIX® is a carbon fibre nano technology material, used in some Hardy fly rods.

SINTRIX® is unique to Hardy. No other rod manufacturer is using the same mixture of fibres, 3M resin and specialised manufacturing processes, or achieving the same results.

SINTRIX® offers significant benefits in strength and lightness over traditional carbon fibre; and is available in ascending levels of power, performance and refinement.


All carbon rods utilise carbon fibres that are bonded together by an adhesive resin. The resin material used in SINTRIX® is produced by 3M, it is a unique and patented material incorporating silica nano spheres which provides two distinct benefits. Firstly the microscopic silica spheres are able to evenly surround every individual carbon fibre filament providing a matrix of strength throughout the rod. Secondly, being spherical, the silica particles are able to resist pressure and compression from any angle. This is particularly important because it is under compression forces, on the underside of a bent rod, rather than tension forces, on the outside of the curve, that carbon fibre is most likely to weaken and potentially break. So by resisting compression better SINTRIX® rods are stronger.

In developing SINTRIX® our specialist composite engineers and rod designers spent over two years experimenting with different types, and mixes, of carbon fibres combined with varying levels of 3M nano silica resin. They also discovered that the normal manufacturing processes associated with carbon fibre rods had to be significantly changed in order to get the best from the new 3M resin material. The final results were astonishing with upto 60% increases in strength and upto 30% savings in weight. During the course of our years of development with fibres, resin levels and manufacturing processes, we have so far produced three separate versions of SINTRIX® material. Each version offers significant benefits in strength and lightness over traditional carbon fibre. However SINTRIX® is available in ascending levels of power, performance and refinement.

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  • Features & Technology:

    • SINTRIX® 440 technology

    • Incredible strength to weight ratio.

    • High performance, fast action design.

    • Top of the line Titanium guides from REC and Fuji.

    • Deep anodised reel fitting

    • Maple burlwood spacer on RHW models; carbon spacer on FW+EH models

  • Reviews

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    hardy zenith 8'6'' 4wt

    This rod is what they say it is smooth. I am still getting used to mending with it since it is above a mid flex, but a better all around rod there is none. I fish small mountain streams and the length is good to get in close. I also fish large tailwaters, and it has enough power to cut wind and approach touchy fish. It can throw nymph rigs and lay down small emergers and dries. This here is a good rod.


    ne tennessee


    Hardy Zenith 9' 6wt

    Amazing rod. Fires streamers through the wind all day long.




    Hardy Zenith 8'6" 4-wt

    Bought this rod to replace an old Orvis 9' 4 wt and the difference is amazing. Better feel both casting and playing fish. Rod tracks straight and is consistent and predictable in different situations and casting methods. A great find.

    Joel V.



    Hardy Zenith 8'6" 4-wt

    I've been fishing this rod for about 16 months now, paired with a Hatch Finatic Plus reel and Rio Gold. I thought I'd only want to use it on smaller rivers, but this combo casts so well that I'm using it even on the bigger waters I fish. I'm detecting more nymph strikes than ever, and recently, on small waters, I've been able to pinpoint dry flies to small pockets from far enough away to keep my shadow off the water. Best rod I've ever fished.




    Hardy Zenith 8 1/2 ft 4 wt

    Ok, so I traded my Sage Z axis for the Hardy Zenith. Both rods are same length, same line weight. Both are great rods and I don't plan to lose the other Sages any time soon but this rod loads along the blank, cleaner than the Sage. I have a better sense of what happening up into the tip section. I really enjoy fishing it.

    Doug Perrett

    Columbus Ohio


    Hardy Zenith 5 wt 9ft

    A terrific rod. Fast: cuts right through the wind but loads almost as quickly as my Winston BIIIX. Seems to have plenty of protection for 5x, 6x tippet connected to big fish. New model with wood reel seat is about as elegant as they come.




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