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$45.95 – $60.95 



Spool Only for the Lamson Liquid or Remix Reel

Why order Lamson fly reels and spools from us?

It’s simple. When you buy Lamson products from Stillwater Fly Shop, besides getting a great price we include the following perks:

The Liquid and Remix fly reel also contains other notable features found on other Lamson premium fly fishing reels. You will appreciate the fine design and craftsmanship of these new Lamson reels and spools.

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  • These Lamson reels highlight the type of superior quality and technology associated with all Lamson products.

    Were you aware that Lamson only focuses their attention on fly fishing products? Why you might ask? Simply put, fly fishing is Lamson's passion.

    Lamson's been building the highest quality and most technologically advanced fly fishing reels for decades. Their innovative design work coupled with a commitment to the most stringent domestic manufacturing standards leads to fly fishing reels that last a lifetime.

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