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$249.00 – $359.00 



If you want us to install a fly line on your reel you MUST select a backing option.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Lamson Velocity Fly Reels: Lamson reels inspired by fly fishermen for fly fishermen

Why wait? Buy your Waterworks Lamson fly reels today.

Enjoy quality and exceptional performance with these Lamson reels

Velocity: Only the name remains the same. Totally redesigned and machined using a unique, "3 plane" pocket milling technique, every aspect of performance, strength-to-weight ratio, line pick-up speed and storage has been improved. And as is often the case, the distinctive new engineered "truss" wall structures give Velocity a personality all its own. Bigger, faster, lighter and stronger. 

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  • Large arbor design increases the width and circumference of the spool to eliminate line recoil memory, increase the rate of retrieval, and provide constant drag torque during even the longest runs. Three-plane pocket milling on the spool and truss wall structures improve strength and stiffness.
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