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$435.00 – $555.00 


If you want us to install a fly line on your reel you MUST select a backing option.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Fish the newest member from the Nautilus Reels family -- the Nautilus CCF-X2 fly reel -- lighter and stronger than the previous CCF reel.

Why wait? – Purchase your Nautilus reels today!

With the new lighter frame and larger drag capacity, these Nautilus CCF-X2 reels have double the drag strength at 20+lbs.

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  • The Nautilus CCF-X2 series replaces the older CCF version fly fishing reel. These new Nautilus CCFX2 reels deliver superior  reliability and performance, not to mention exceptional value.

    Learn more about the improved benefits these new Nautilus reels provide.

    With the latest Giga arbor design, these CCF-X2 fly reels allow for faster line pick up just like their older siblings, the Nautilus NV fly fishing reels

    The Nautilus CCFX2 features the newly designed CCF-X2 dual action drag system.  This allows these Nautilus reels to deliver twice the drag strength at twenty plus pounds.  These Nautilus fly reels also provide twice the smoothness with half the startup inertia.

    The CCF-X2 Disc Braking drag system -- a stronger and lighter version cork and carbon fiber drag system

    The newly designed Nautilus braking system is a stronger and lighter version of the cork and carbon fiber brake of its predecessor, the Nautilus CCF reel. With twice the drag surface in a dual action brake configuration coupled with hybrid ceramic bearings, these reels deliver less than 1% startup inertia at all drag settings.

    Not only is the new brake system strong, it is also feather light. Unlike the previous CCF model reels, these CCF-X2 fly reels can be easily switched from Right Hand to Left Hand retrieval.

    As can easily be seen, these Nautilus fly fishing reels are loaded with tremendous features.  They contain the fully sealed drag system, a well known Nautilus standard.  The CCFX2 reels contain the upgraded hybrid ceramic bearings as well as TPX bushings. 

    TPX bushings are precision engineered thermoplastic bushings which are light in weight, self lubricating, inert (no corrosion) and have zero wear.  What does that mean?  The bushings in these Nautilus fly reels have the smoothness of a bearing without the weight plus the added benefit of a longer lifespan.

    The newly oversized drag knob makes it extremely easy to access and fine tune the drag by using the infinadjust range settings.

    Don't delay.  Purchase your Nautilus CCF-X2 fly reels while you can.

    As with all Nautilus fly reels, these CCF-X2 reels are in extremely high demand, so availability is subject to change.

    Model Line Capacity Weight
    No. 6/8 WF-8 +175 yds #20 7.6 0z.
    No. 8/10 WF-10 +200 yds #30 8.6 0z.
    No. 10/12 WF-12 +250 yds #30 8.9 0z.

    Want to customize your Nautilus reels?

    All Nautilus reels can be customized to personal choices.  The team at Nautilus allows anglers to get creative with their fly reels.   It costs an additional $100 per reel for a custom colored reel in a single color while each spare spool costs an additional $50 (as long as it’s the same color).   Anodizing varies with each batch, so we would encourage our Nautilus clients to purchase their spare spool at the same time when they order their CCFX2 reels to ensure a proper color match.

    Delivery times for custom orders vary. Usually two-to-four weeks, depending on availability. Please call us at 1.877.598.7322 to process a custom Nautilus reel order.

    Enjoy the following added benefits when you purchase Nautilus reels at Stillwater:

    Don’t wait any longer for your chance to own the CCF-X2 reel – order yours today. 

    Due to the large demand and limited quantities of these reels, availability is subject to change.  ORDER your reels today!

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