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$255.00 – $325.00 


If you want us to install a fly line on your reel you MUST select a backing option.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Experience the lightest machined carbon fiber disc drag fly fishing reel on the market today.

With the new spool design, this Nautilus FWX reel weighs almost a half-ounce less than the previous FW series reels.

The Nautilus FWX (Feather Weight Xtreme) series is the most technologically advanced and the lightest machined aluminum disc drag trout fly reel on the market.

The award-winning FWX reels feature our Sealed Carbon Fiber (SCFTM) drag system with the proprietary TORQ-XTM clutch drive and TPX bushings. This completely sealed, maintenance-free draw bar type carbon fiber disc brake delivers the smoothest drag on the market in a light fly reel. No sand, gravel, water or snow will affect the flawless performance of this amazing disc drag.

Like the NVG reels, the FWX sport our Giga arbor spool design that promotes faster line pick up and backing drying. In addition to the advanced spool designs used in these reels, we have added a new stainless steel 1-way clutch that is housed in our proprietary TORQ-XTM clutch drive that ensures instant drag engagement with no slack. The retrieve direction can be easily switched from left hand to right hand and the spools are easily changed with a push on and click off release.

One of the most popular creations to come out of the Nautilus think-tank is the industry first LaserIDTM line identification system: We have laser etched a white spot on the back of each FWX spool to write the line type and weight that you are using. Write with a permanent marker and wipe it off with alcohol when you change lines. No more washed out or lost line stickers.

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  • You can order all Nautilus reels with custom colored housing and spools. It costs an extra $100 per reel for a custom colored reel in a single color; each spare spool costs an additional $50 (as long as it’s the same color). Since anodizing varies with each batch, we encourage you to buy a spare spool when you place your order in order to ensure a proper match.

    Delivery times for custom orders vary. Usually 2-4 weeks, depending on availability. Please call us at 1.877.598.7322 to process a custom Nautilus reel order.

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    FWX Series

    Excellent reel. Smooth and light. Use it fishing for mostly bass, pike, and trout in Superior and Montana.

    Jordan Van Eps




    amazing reel! best i have ever own!

    Guillermo Munoz




    An excellent, light, quality reel that has a reassuringly smooth drag. Having got the reel I had to have a spare spool to be able to use it with more lines. The reel is expensive but I'm sure feels like it will last.

    Alwyn Ralphs



    Nautilus FWX 5/6

    Gotta love SWFS. I purchased this reel to go with my G Loomis LP 5wt, which was also purchased from Stillwater. The reel is a perfect balance for this rod and love using it. Try one and you won't be disappointed.

    Jason Beard



    I love Stillwater

    Purchased a new Nautilus FXW from Stillwater and not only did it come with new fly line it came with great service.I live in Australia and took no time at all to arrive,postage was good and would defiantly and will use Stillwater again.. Thanks a lot ..Jim >}}}*>

    Jim Dalgleish



    Nautilus FWX 3/4

    There are a bunch of premium fly reels out there and they're all pretty good. I get that in a light fly reel, it basically holds line. Except, when that carp runs me into the backing. That is when the details they engineer into this reel, come into play. This reel is just more elegant than the others. This is what I want on my 4 wt rod.

    Doug Perrett

    Columbus Ohio


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