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Rio Spey Connecting Core Shooting Line

$59.95  $59.95



Rio Spey ConnectCore Shooting Line

An Increditble Sensitive Shooting Line with no-tangle performance.

  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore allows anglers to feel every single touch 
  • Thick, highly visible handling section for durability and visibility 
  • Unbelievable no-tangle casting performance
  • Overall length: 100ft / 30.5m

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  • Virtually no stretch line.

    Thicker diameter handling section prolongs the life of the line and ensures an easy grip in cold conditions.

    Highly visible front section makes it very easy to see when to stop stripping and make the cast.

    The unique core also ensures the most perfect coils of line when stripping in – resulting in far few tangles and snarls.

    A neat 8” welded loop at the front end allows for fast and efficient head changes.

    Super slick XS Technology coating floats high and shoots far. 

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