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Rio StreamerTip Line

$74.95  $74.95



The ultimate range of sink tips lines for throwing streamers to the bank.

A series of sinking tip lines specifically built for fly fishers that like to fish streamers out of a boat. A short, heavy head loads rods at close range, allowing anglers to make fast, one-shot casts. An aggressive, powerful front taper casts large conehead muddlers and bunny leech rigs with ease, while a welded loop on the front end allow anglers to change rigs quickly. Built with a supple coldwater coating, this line will not tangle off the reel. 
New for 2013: Type 6
Range of densities for all fishing situations
Welded loops for super fast rigging
Short, powerful head to load at close range
Aggressive front taper easily cast large streamers
Note: Density Compensation is on Type 6 sink StreamerTip only

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