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$850.00  $850.00



Saltwater. Action. Light. Tackle. The All-NEW Sage SALT. It's what we've all been waiting for.

Saltwater has an unrelenting pull on the psyche of a fly fisher. The pure immensity of it. The wildly diverse habitats and the allure of exotic species—their strength and raw power. The challenge of testing one's skill through ever changing weather conditions, tipping from glassy calm to distance-robbing winds in just minutes. The majesty of simply being out here, where your abilities as a fly fisher are constantly measured and honed. Introducing our all-new rod offering similarly envisioned and shaped through decades of saltwater experience, the aptly named SALT.

For the incredibly diverse range of casting demands placed on the saltwater angler, the accuracy, strength and precision of Konnetic Technology® has enabled us to craft a fly rod like no other saltwater rod before it. The SALT is a fast loading, high line-speed salt-action rod that gives you the confidence to know that you're ready for anything the salt can throw at you. Sight casting smaller flies out to nervous bones finning along the flat in only four inches of water? Quickly and precisely drop the fly where they'll see it without spooking. Casting to tarpon that appear suddenly in a guesting wind? The SALT's decidedly robust salt-action taper gives you the power to maximize today's heavier fly lines to deliver flies of all sizes at all ranges with effortless precision.

Because we share your passion for the salt and are out here every day, we know wha tyou need from a fly rod. The ability to react quickly to changing conditions and instantly cast to fish refusing to sit still. With the same tip-to-hand sensitivity that all our Konnetic Technology® rods are known for, the SALT gives you the instant feedback you need for precision casts at moving targets. And the torsional control and tracking qualities of the blank accurately deliver your fly exactly where you're looking. The SALT was purpose-built for all the variables you'll find out here, as endless as the horizon itself.

To read more about the new Sage SALT rod, please visit our blog by clicking the following link: The New Sage SALT Fly Rod

Rod Models with EH denotes an elongated cork handle

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    • Konnetic Technology®

    • Fast loading, salt action

    • Dark Sapphire blank color

    • Black thread wraps with Silver trim wraps

    • Oversized Fuji ceramic stripper guides

    • Oversized hard chromed snake guides and tip-top

    • Heavy-duty, Stealth Black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat

    • Integrated hidden hook keeper in reel seat

    • Laster etched rod weight on slide band

    • Super Plus full-wells cork handle

    • Black rod bag with Electric blue logo and model tag

    • Electric blue powder coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion

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