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$11.99  $14.99


If you want us to install this fly line on a reel you MUST select a backing option when purchasing your reel.
If you select "No Backing Required", we cannot install your fly line.

Scientifc Anglers Fluorocarbon Tippet 25m - Closeout

Purchase your Scientific Anglers fly fishing gear at Stillwater Fly shop and save with FREE shipping and pay NO sales tax!

Each spool will include 30 meters of material which is approximately 9% more than our competitors. Choose Scientific Anglers.

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  • an independent, free wheeling hub that allows the tippet spool to spin freely when joined together. The hub can be retracted to become flush with the spool body when used alone, or with other tippet spools on the market. 
    Each of the spools are color coded to correspond to the tippet material type. Green for freshwater nylon, blue for saltwater hard mono, and orange for fluorocarbon. 
    The spools are also molded with UV inhibitors to help protect the tippet from degenerating UV rays. 
    The tippet material is managed by a color coded tippet retainer band that also has the size of the material printed on it.
    Water resistant label to prevent cracking and peeling.
    SA "FRESHWATER" TIPPET MATERIAL in SIZES: 8X(1.8-lb), 7X(2.7-lb), 6X(3.7-lb), 5X(4.8-lb), 4X(6.8-lb), 3X(8.8-lb), 2X(10.5-lb), 1X(12.8-lb), 0X(14.9-lb), 16-lb, 20-lb, 22-lb, 25-lb, 30-lb, 35-lb, 40-lb. $4.95/30m spool (30lb - 40lb/20m spools) 
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