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$645.00  $645.00



Scott fly rods designed the Scott L2h Spey rod for all their Scott rod enthusiasts

Why wait. Buy your Scott rod now.

Created with the perfect spey cast in mind, the team at Scott fly rods is proud of their new creation

Purchase your Scott now and save at Stillwater Fly Shop.

Scott L2h series two handed rods are designed and optimized for today’s new line tapers and casting styles.

Scott fly rods --the fly industry leader in developing technologies that help reduce torque on the fly rod blank

Get everything you expect out of your spey rod when you fish Scott rods. These rods transfer power smoothly and are incredibly stable when changing directions or applying forward stroke power. They cast flatter, tighter loops that deliver greater distance and accuracy.

Scott spey rods are hand crafted with only the finest components including new grips shaped from Super grade cork, TiCh coated reel seats with self aligning slide hoods, and TiCh stripping guides that feature SiC inserts.

Buy your Scott fly rods today at Stilwater and have a better fly fishing experience.

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