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Open Country Elevated Forest
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Insulated with PrimaLoft® and lined with a high-loft fleece, the Youth Kelvin Hoody will keep your youngster pleasantly engaged in the experience. With a snug-fitting hoody that still allows for peripheral vision, elastic wrist cuffs for easy layering, and 2 hand pockets, no feature is overlooked. To top it off, the Youth Kelvin Hoody is reversible, bringing the fleece to the outside, which allows for near silent movement in the still woods.

This insulating hoody is built with the same Primaloft® insulation as the adult Kelvin line, with the addition of a soft, high-loft fleece lining. That means abundant warmth to keep your budding hunting partner pleasantly engaged in the experience, whatever the thermometer says. The snug fitting hood covers head and ears without inhibiting peripheral vision, so your youngster will still have the inexplicable ability to spot animals before you do. Elastic wrist cuffs expand for layering andhold the sleeves comfortably in place. Two hand pockets help keep fingers warm and snacks at the ready. And, the Youth Kelvin Hoody is reversible, bringing the fleece to the outside so your fledgling predator can be even stealthier in the woods. The fine Primaloft® fibers found in the Kelvin Youth Hoody form tiny air pockets that trap body heat. Tight surface tension among the fibers resists moisture penetration, so it dries much faster than goose down. And even when wet, the Youth Kelvin is a highly effective insulator, keeping kids warm in whine-worthy situations.

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    PRIMALOFT® is the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. The patented blend of microfibers is engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet. Ultra-fine insulating fibers create a product that is quiet and less bulky, allowing for greater freedom of movement. Easy care PRIMALOFT® provides the warmth of down, but it is fast drying and more breathable.

    New for 2014, comes the ultimate combination of PrimaLoft® ultra-fine fibers and water-repellent down, offering high-performance warmth and comfort in variable conditions while adhering to the PrimaLoft® promise of an environmentally safe technology free of fluorocarbons.

    • Thermally Efficient

    • Superior Water Resistance

    • Dries Faster than Down

    • Breathable

    • Wind Resistant


    • Elastic Wrist Cuffs

    • Snug Fitting Hood

    • High-Loft Fleece Liner

    • Reversible from Camo to Solid

    TECHNOLOGY 150g/M2 PrimaLoft Sport Insulation

    FABRIC DETAILS High-Count Polyester Weave

    Open country pursuits run the gamut of moderate to high activity peppered with periods of pure motionlessness. Sitka's Open Country system responds brilliantly to the varying activity level and quickly changing weather conditions that come with glassing open bowls, tiptoeing through aspen groves, battling scree fields, and generally covering miles at a time. Moisture management is the central theme of this line—the key to keeping you comfortable and active. Choose additional layers to accommodate forecasted conditions, as well as the unknown. Face fabrics add the utmost durability and minimum weight. The smooth-woven face dries quickly and offers excellent packability—great for the overnighter in a tent. The GORE® OPTIFADE™ Concealment Open Country pattern is optimized for engagement ranges of 35 meters or more, mountain or open environments, and stalking prey with minimal coverage. This is how we define Open Country.

    We like truths. The longer you are in your stand, the better your chance of success. The Forest system honors this general truth with pieces patterned to fit close to the body—making long, extended sits bearable. Anchored by our core layering system, the Elevated Forest outerwear pieces drive a balance toward R-values and quietness. We've increased loft without adding weight, brushed face fabrics for soundless movement, and eliminated unnecessary features that add noise. The GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Forest pattern factors in the distance and extreme angles of this vertical environment. This is how we define Forest.

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