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Open Country Elevated Forest Waterfowl
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Sitka Cap

$25.00  $25.00

Available June 2014



Sitka Gear, taking hunting gear to the next level.

Get your Sitka Gear with Stillwater Fly Shop

This isn't your granddaddies red plaid jacket

Don't be the last one in your hunting party to get on board.

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  • W.L Gore spared no expense when developing the Opti-Fade camouflage pattern. Not just a mimic style camouflage pattern but one that combines micro and macro patterns to breakup not only your silhouette but your movement. These patterns were developed through the eyes of the prey, not the way you and I see. This high tech camouflage was then taken a step further when it was put on top of GoreTex waterproof membranes and Primaloft insulation. This gear was tested by the most hardcore hunters out there who took it to the deep dark places in the backcountry and came back with smiles.  With so much thought and technology going into this equipment it's easy to see that if you are looking for the best gear in the business look no further then Sitka Gear.  


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