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Bomb-Proof Pants ready to take on the most rugged of your hunting endeavors

The Timberline Pant takes key characteristics of the Mountain Pant, and adds double reinforced, waterproof, breathable knees and seat for extra protection.

Built for alpine expeditions, the Timberline Pant is essentially the Mountain Pant fortified with an all-backstrap diet. Reinforced waterproof, breathable knees and seat add durability and protection while picking your way through the talus and getting low to glass. The high-count stretch-woven polyester offers mild warmth with exceptional breathability. Aggressively patterned knees and the fully gusseted crotch offer an uncompromising range of movement.

Built-in kneepads defend your caps from rough ground while stalking, and can easily be removed for hunts where they won’t be needed. Also built in, the low-profile webbing belt keeps the pant in place, while still riding comfortably under the hip belt of a meat-laden pack. An array of seven pockets, including zippered hand pockets and magnetic closure cargo pockets, keep the necessities from getting away from you.

"The Timberline Pant is my go-to pant. As a mountain hunter, you spend plenty of time hiking hard and then slowing down for long stalks. For me, it's the best all-season pant. The waterproof seat allows me to sit on wet moss or snow covered trees and even sharp, broken rocks without hesitation. The knee pad addition is a valuable asset, whether crawling up on a bedded ram in the cactus-studded mountains of Mexico or the sharp Northwest Territories shale. When you spend months at a time in the same pair of pants, you need something that lasts and the Timberline Pant does just that." —Sitka Athlete Dustin Roe

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    • Articulated Patterning

    • Removable Knee Pads

    • Waterproof/Breathable Seat and Knees

    • Side Cargo Pockets

    TECHNOLOGY Durable Water Repellent Finish

    FABRIC DETAILS Polyester Stretch-Woven

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