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This highly packable, Primaloft® insulated pant protects your legs from the harsh cold of high-elevation peaks and makes frigid all-day treestand sits. Full side zips ventilate and make for quick on-and-off flexibility.

"The Kelvin Pants are the only way I've found to combat tons of glassing in brutally cold weather, like a November sheep hunt in Alberta. You can layer your upper body, but if your whole body doesn't stay warm, you’ve got to move on. Being able to force yourself to hang tight until you can pick apart the whole mountain can make the difference between seeing a ram stand from his bed or as he steps out from cover and completely missing him. I’ll use the full side zips to throw on overtop of whatever pants I’m wearing and instantly gain the ability to be behind for the glass for hours. They’re not needed for every single hunting application, but for any mountain hunts with periods of inactivity from mid-October on, they’re a godsend."

—Sitka Athlete Adam Foss

This pant is engineered to keep your lower half cozy in brutally low temperatures, and can be a crucial late-season piece in any Big Game, Whitetail, or Waterfowl System. On stationary hunts, it’s best used as a mid-layer. On spot-and-stalk hunts, when you stop to eat or glass, the pant zips on over your outer layer for added warmth until you move again.

The high heat-to-weight ratio of Primaloft® Sport insulation (weight 170 g/m2) keeps your body’s core temperature up. Excellent compressibility means the pant packs down small, and articulated patterning eliminates bulk and restriction. Full side zips ventilate to prevent overheating and make for quick on and off as the conditions change.

The fine Primaloft® fibers found in the Kelvin Pant form tiny air pockets that trap body heat. Tight surface tension among the fibers resists moisture penetration, so it dries much faster than goose down. And even when wet, the Kelvin Pant is a highly effective insulator, keeping you warm and focused in critical situations.

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    PRIMALOFT® is the ultimate in insulation technology for hunters. The patented blend of microfibers is engineered to retain maximum warmth even when wet. Ultra-fine insulating fibers create a product that is quiet and less bulky, allowing for greater freedom of movement. Easy care PRIMALOFT® provides the warmth of down, but it is fast drying and more breathable.

    New for 2014, comes the ultimate combination of PrimaLoft® ultra-fine fibers and water-repellent down, offering high-performance warmth and comfort in variable conditions while adhering to the PrimaLoft® promise of an environmentally safe technology free of fluorocarbons.

    • Thermally Efficient

    • Superior Water Resistance

    • Dries Faster than Down

    • Breathable

    • Wind Resistant


    • High Heat-to-Weight Ratio

    • Articulated Patterning

    WEIGHT 24oz

    TECHNOLOGY 170 g/M2 Primaloft® Sport Insulation

    FABRIC DETAILS Tightly-Woven Polyester Face

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