Airflo 40+ Extreme Distance Sink 7 Fly Line - Closeout

Airflo 40+ Extreme Distance Sink 7 Fly Line - Closeout

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Many people say that distance doesn't matter, but my guess is those are the folks who've never seen a bonefish at 95' or had to cast across a large river to work a far seam. The fact of the matter is, you can catch fish up close, but you can catch more fish if you cover more water. Why limit yourself? Unfortunately, most distance flylines require a PHD in casting; longer heads require more skill to aerialize more line. The 40+ is the answer to the distance dilemma. It's a flyline that anyone can cast, and cast far. By blending the best features of shooting head and weight forward design, the Airflo 40+ Flyline is an effortless fly rocket.

The Forty Plus is also a standard go-to line for the new switch-rod revolution among two handers. The taper and weight is perfect for loading up lighter switch rods, and also works great as a single-hand spey line.

The 40+ Sink 7 sinks at seven inches a second. Useful for dredging up lost feet off the coast of BC.

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