Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Fly Line
Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Fly Line

Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Fly Line

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Airflo Sixth Sense Sinking Fly Line

This stillwater line is ideal casting from a boat or from the bank of small water. This updated version casts far smoother and allows you to fish and keep your flies in the zone.

The stillwater line by which all others are judged, with its distinct 10ft color bands, you'll know exactly when to lift and hold when fishing the deadly hang. Power Core technology provides incredible hook set and take detection. Density compensated. Accurate non-overlapping sink rates for optimum depth control.

Reducing the stretch level in the Airflo Sixth Sense fly line’s gives a huge advantage in terms of casting performance. The less stretch in the line’s core, the less energy is lost during the cast, ask any tournament caster. Working with a new production process and core material has allowed Airflo to produce a line with around 6 percent stretch as opposed to the normal 20 percent plus whilst maintaining almost zero memory. This minimal stretch level gives great bite detection and improved hook penetration even at extreme range. All Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Lines are 35yds long for distance casting.

"updating the hang zones has given the Sixth Sense range a far better feel to the product, not only does it cast far smoother, but I love the way that the hang zones are larger and the versatility and repeatability this gives me during each retrieve."

Airflo Sales Director Gareth Jones and Welsh International Team Member

• Accurate non-overlapping sink rates

• Super smooth casts - Long hang zone

• The original low stretch power core

• Line color changes at 10'

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