Airflo Superflo Xceed Fly Line
Airflo Superflo Xceed Fly Line

Airflo Superflo Xceed Fly Line

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Airflo Superflo Xceed Fly Line - Closeout

All-purpose taper for fast-action rods

Airflo uses super tough Polyurethane coating on fly lines. With “FLO” technology, Airflo can produce running lines slimmer in diameter than competitors, without any of the durability issues associated with PVC. The end result is a fly line that has a super charged head to running line diameter ratio, glides through the rings with minimal friction and has all the handling attributes and durability of the best fly line in the world!

The fast action rods of today require a little extra weight to load properly using most fly lines. SuperFlo Xceed's all-purpose taper covers a wide range of freshwater fisheries. Its condensed rear taper helps generate more line speed to perform in windy conditions. Weighted a half line size above the AFTMA standard weight, the Superflo Xceed is ready to get you and your fast-action rods to any freshwater environment. Available in 4wt to 6wt.

• Welded front loop

• Moderate front taper and tip for maximum versatility.

• The 26′ belly is short enough for easy management but long enough for moderately long casts when needed.

• The 5′ condensed rear taper helps to generate more linespeed to help punch in to the wind when necessary.

Fast Thin Diameter Running Line = Distance

Super Slick, Ultra Low Friction = More Distance

Low Stretch Power Core


Super Supple, Extreme Low Memory

Ultra Neat Welded Loops


Quick Load Design Taper

Power Core

Range: WF4 - WF8

Coating: Superflo

Polyleader: Light Trout / Trout

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