Airflo Surf Fast Sinking Fly Line
Airflo Surf Fast Sinking Fly Line

Airflo Surf Fast Sinking Fly Line

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Airflo Surf Fly Line

The Surf line features a condensed head designed to make quick casts to the rips and structure where surf fish feed. Designed by one of California’s premier surf anglers, Lee Baermann. "The Surf finds fish when other lines won’t." The head color is designed to blend in with a sandy bottom and is constructed from the toughest materials available.

Taper: Ultra Short
Core: Power Core
Range: WF6 – WF7
Float/Sink: (5" per sec)
Coating: Polyfuse / Super Dri Running Line
Polyleader: Saltwater

Size Guide

Airflo Floating Line Matrix shows how each Airflo single-hand floating fly line compares to one another in regards to taper and head length. Lines are color-coded by their coating hardness rating. Blue indicates an ultra-supple coating, purple indicates a standard coating, and red indicates a tropical coating.

Front taper affects the line’s ability to turn over and present a fly. On one end of the spectrum, you have lines with long front tapers and narrow/thin tip diameters. These lines are ideal for delicately presenting small flies and excel at dry fly fishing. These are the lines you want when surface crash will disturb your target fish in to spooking.

On the other end of the taper spectrum are lines with short, aggressive front tapers and thick tip diameters. These are your lines for turning over big flies, streamers, and heavy nymph/indic

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