Cortland Compact Switch Double Handed

Cortland Compact Switch Double Handed

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Featuring an oversized Tip

There’s a different breed of two-handed casters out there, and a lot of them are fishing with our Precision® Compact Switch line. Featuring an oversized tip, supple lime-green head, and a harder, stiffer running line, it excels at Skagit-style long-range casts and will throw bulky flies and aggressive sinking tips long distances with minimal effort. The 4-6 weights have 25-foot heads; 7-8 weights have 28-foot heads.

Head Weights:

• 4 - 240gn

• 5 - 300gn

• 6 - 375gn

• 7 - 425gn

• 8 - 485gn

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