Dr Slick Barb Plier - 5" - Straight Jaw

Dr Slick Barb Plier - 5" - Straight Jaw

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Dr. Slick Barb Plier with straight, smooth jaw structure and lanyard!

A crushing beast! This is designed to handle destruction of most hook barbs in fresh and salt water.  Smooth jaws and spring-loaded, I keep one in my vest and another on my tying bench. Easily handles most streamside tasks.  Not just for fly anglers, this item is very popular with walleye and bass fishermen for hook removal.

Features of the 5" Barb Plier - Straight Jaw:

  • Satin with Green PVC Handles
  • Smooth Jaw Structure
  • Available in Straight Jaw Only
  • No Pin
  • 5 Inches
  • Wrist Lanyard Included

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