Einarsson Invictus Fly Reel
Einarsson Invictus Fly Reel
Einarsson Invictus Fly Reel
Einarsson Invictus Fly Reel

Einarsson Invictus Fly Reel

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There is no other reel like Invictus for Atlantic Salmon, Steelhead or Trophy Saltwater Species

Einarsson Fly Fishing is unique in creating a new patented invention where brake start-up friction is ZERO while fighting the fish. This method stores the fish-generated energy within the reel system. It works by the drag system smoothly leveling out the shockwaves experienced by the brake during both the take and during the fight during long screaming runs, jumping and head shaking of the fish.

Einarsson's new patented invention SAB (Shock Absorbing Brake) is the first significant breakthrough in decades. It allows the fisherman to enjoy a more rewarding experience through less snapped leaders and more landed fish. In other words, Einarsson's SAB drag system offers you the smoothest brake system anglers have ever experienced.

The Invictus #6 is suitable for both single handed rods and double-handed switch rods. Target species include Salmon, Sea-run Brown Trout & Steelhead, as well as saltwater species such as Bonefish, Striped Bass and Coastal Sea Trout.

The Invictus #8 offers a larger spool & cage and the backing capacity suitable for heavier single handed rods, switch rods and lighter double handed rods. Target species include both Salmon and Steelhead, or saltwater species such as trophy Bonefish, trophy Striped Bass, Permit and baby Tarpon.

The amazing Invictus #10 reel is built for the big double-handed rods up to 15 feet when fishing for trophy Salmon in fast, wild waters. The large arbour and backing capacity offers an awesome drag to provide you with the gusto to land big Atlantic salmon

About Einarsson Reels:

Invictus reels are engineered and assembled at the Einarsson factory in Iceland. Einarsson oversees and monitors the entire building process so that they can uphold their ‘highest quality’ standards. Invictus reels are Type III Hard Anodized because type III is a superior coating for an outdoor product.

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