G Loomis Asquith Fly Rod - 11wt 9&
G Loomis Asquith Fly Rod - 11wt 9&

G Loomis Asquith Fly Rod - 11wt 9'0" 4pc (Trade up)

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If you are an angler who needs instant line speed with pinpoint accuracy then this perfectly designed rod is for you! Steve Rajeff took the precept of an all-water rod and developed one of the best casting and easy recovering pieces of equipment ever developed.

With no specific fish in mind, Steve and G Loomis built this high-tech rod around their proprietary Spiral X technology. Ultralight with power to instantly turn the largest fish in the world, the Asquith was designed not for one species or environment.

One cast to a tailing redfish or to a lurking steelhead will convince you that your choice to go with the Asquith was one of the best you ever made. The only question that you will have is; "Why isn't everyone else copying G Loomis?"

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