G Loomis Shorestalker Fly Rods - Closeout Sale

G Loomis Shorestalker Fly Rods - Closeout Sale

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G Loomis Shorestalker Fly Rods

These are fly rods meant for fishing the shoreline, the edge, sabrupt weed lines, rocky points, submerged trees and the mangroves.

Veteran warm-water fly fisher, Dave Whitlock teamed up with our designers to develop a special series of rods for those warm-water critters that prefer to hide in the thick stuff where they can burst from the cover, even darkness to ambush their prey. Originally they were meant for freshwater species like bass, pike and panfish, but the saltwater crowd quickly discovered them to be an effective tool for snook, redfish and other shallow-water species.  They are specialty rods designed to make short, aggressive casts where accuracy is far more critical than distance. They load easily at twenty-feet, yet have enough power and accuracy to punch a streamer, 60-feet into a small opening in the brush. They are shorter than your normal fly rod with fast tapers to help you keep your loops tight and line trajectory low to clear shoreline cover and overhanging limbs. They are subtle yet extremely powerful with sufficient strength to keep a big largemouth away from the pads or a sno

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