Galvan Torque Spool - Closeout Due To Light Exposure

Galvan Torque Spool - Closeout Due To Light Exposure

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Spare Spool for the incredible Galvan reel

The striking appearance of the Torque is a result of the unique cutouts on the frame, spool, drag knob and foot. This design is not only aesthetic but also structural as it significantly reduces the weight of the reel while maintaining strength and increasing rigidity .The rounded rims on both spool and frame enhance durability to better withstand impact during extreme angling conditions. Efficiency and simplicity driven by function. In this case, less is more and cost is no exception as the Torque retails at half the price of reels in its class.

NOTE: Spools are discounted due to light exposure. You may notice inconsistent color shifts from other manufactured spools. Spools are in perfect NEW working order. Sold as is.

With their maximum ported spool design, these Galvan reels are lightweight and hail one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any fly fishing reels in their class.

These Torque Series Galvan Fly reels are truly remarkable. These Galvan reels deliver and perform with an incredibly low start up inertia. Whether you need a Galvan fly reel for stalking trout or a Galvan bonefish reel, the torque series Galvan fly reels offer something for every fly fisherman.

Discover more about the advantages of this Galvan Fly reel - the Torque.

With the large arbor design of these Torque fly fishing reels, these Galvan fly reels are able to pick up line extremely fast. Anglers know how important that can be when your fighting large fish that can cover a lot of water quickly.

The Torque series Galvan Reel features a de-tented drag knob to allow for precise drag settings. This Galvan fly reel has a large handle that makes it easy to find and grip when playing fish.

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