Nautilus NV Spey Reels
Nautilus NV Spey Reels

Nautilus NV Spey Reels

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The Nautilus NV Spey reels for maximum effectiveness of thin running lines.

The hugely popular Giga arbor design features lightning fast line pickup and minimal line memory.

Since Nautilus first began making reels, they have always kept close contact with the Spey and two-hander segment of this sport. For 9 years now they have published Spey specs chart to help you figure out what reel to match to your favorite Spey rod and line. Over time Nautilus has gathered a huge following in this niche fly fishing market and we are constantly listening to what is coming, what is going and adapting our reels to upcoming trends.

These spools have been named to reflect the recommended range of grain weights of the line heads for each, starting at the lowest recommended to the biggest line that will comfortably fit with at least 150 yards of 30 lb. backing.

The NV Spey 400-550 will fit your existing NV 10/11 frame and the NV Spey 450-750 fits the NV 11/12 frame.

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