Orvis Bug-Out Backpack
Orvis Bug-Out Backpack
Orvis Bug-Out Backpack
Orvis Bug-Out Backpack

Orvis Bug-Out Backpack

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Orvis Bug-Out Backpack

The Bug-Out Backpack provides all-day capacity with new convenience features including an innovative new large net solution. Made with 100% Cordura® ECO polyester outer and 100% nylon liner.
• Large capacity fishing backpack
• Innovative large net carrier
• Secure laptop holder
• Water bladder pocket
• Capacity 25L
• 100% CORDURA® ECO polyester outer. 100% nylon liner. Ergonomic and sustainable redesign creating the perfect pack for anglers.

The new Orvis Fishing Pack series provides innovative new features that solve age-old problems. These new packs are the result of more than two years of research into customer and Orvis associate feedback on fishing packs in use; the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly of on-stream functionality. Considering the features touched most often, the convenient, and the inconvenient, which laid the framework for new designs to streamline and improve the fishing experience.

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