Orvis Helios 3 Blackout Fly Rod
Orvis Helios 3 Blackout Fly Rod
Orvis Helios 3 Blackout Fly Rod
Orvis Helios 3 Blackout Fly Rod

Orvis Helios 3 Blackout Fly Rod

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Orvis Helios 3 Blackout Fly Rod

H3D Blackout 8'5" 8-wt. The Line-Speed Titan Designed for Unreal, Quick-Turn, One-Shot Accuracy

The H3D Blackout rod allows anglers to overcome instantaneous directional changes that would normally require three, four, and five false casts to correct. That’s the philosophy behind this 8'5" surgical 8-wt. This high-concept boat rod is designed specifically for the quick-turn, one-shot accuracy required to stay ahead of fast-moving bonefish, reds, permit, or even pike. While this rod has the power of an 8-wt., it feels more like a 7-wt., with a slightly shorter length perfect for fine-tuning your loops and driving flies under heavy cover. It’s a line-speed titan in salt or fresh. 

H3D Blackout 9'5" 5-wt. The Long-Range Nymphing Weapon with the Accuracy for Pinpoint Dry-Fly Presentations

The H3D Blackout performs as a supremely accurate boat rod with superb long-range mending abilities on both reach casts and on-the-water drift manipulations straight to the indicator. When field-testing it provided to also impress when it’s time to hop a gunnel and fish backchannel sippers on foot. That extra 5" is the secret sauce, providing added lift on your back cast without feeling overwhelming, with the comparable length advantages of a longer 10-footer in a rod that feels more like a 9. Simply put, it’s a nymphing weapon and your dream dry fly or hopper/dropper combo all in one.

H3F Blackout 11' 3-wt. The Supremely Accurate Euro-Nymphing Machine with a Welcomed Extra 6" of Drift Control

The H3F Blackout represents the best of American ingenuity combined with constantly evolving European-nymphing techniques! This four-piece, 11' 3-wt. Euro-nymphing rod is Orvis' the latest development. A supremely accurate 11' rod with the swing weight of a 10-footer, it’s got the unreal sensitivity to telegraph the exact number of times your nymphs kiss gravel. The result is significantly fewer missed strikes and more fish to hand. Note the 11' length—that extra 6" is crucial for intuitive drift control in extremely complex current seams with a softer tip to protect even the finest tippets.

Orvis offers a 25 Year Guarantee to repair or replace no matter the reason!

• Matte Midnight blank

• Reel seat is type III anodized aluminum Midnight black w/Matte Midnight carbon insert

• Black/black main wraps

• REC recoil snake guides

• SiC/titanium stripping guides

• Aluminum rod tube

• 25-Year Guarantee

• Made in USA

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