Sitka Gear Incinerator Flip Mitt

Sitka Gear Incinerator Flip Mitt

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I believe this is considered the Lamborghini of Hunting Mitts

The best defense against numb fingers in a biting cold, the Incinerator Flip Mitt wraps your digits together in a WINDSTOPPER® laminate barrier insulated with Primaloft® Down Blend Gold. When you need your fingers free, just flip off the mitt - the wet-printed Micro-Fleece face fabric makes it deadly silent.

“Any of my hunting buddies know, I hate to shoot a bow or gun with bulky gloves. However, cold fingers end more of my hunts, or hunts with my boys than anything. The Incinerator Mitt is the perfect answer. While on stand or in the blind, I keep these finger savers on and simply slip them off quickly and quietly in the moment of truth, warm hands and accurate shots, a winning combination and more horn on the ground. The Mitt is also roomy enough to slide in hand warmers for those bitter cold days. —Sitka Athlete Bobby Warner

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