Tfo Axiom Ii Fly Rod
Tfo Axiom Ii Fly Rod
Tfo Axiom Ii Fly Rod

Tfo Axiom Ii Fly Rod

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TFO Axiom Fly Rods are the Medium-Fast Action Favorite of Fly Fishermen Around the World

The Axiom II is engineered to fit the angler (not the other way around). The Axiom II fly rod offers the optimization of the three-dimensional approach to casting a fly, hooking a fish and landing it. The engineering and materials in the Axiom II rod satisfy the broadest range of casting styles and strokes.

If you style is short and powerful or long and smooth, the rod will accept the caster without the need to adapt stroke to rod action. The A2 design is the most efficient energy delivery tool that our legendary Advisory Staff designers have tested to date. Easy to load, (bend) and quick in unloading, which also ensures accurate and true tracking. No bounce, shock and no wobble on the stop – A2 rods are smooth and efficient casting tools. The last and possibly most gratifying job a rod has is to bring the fish to hand so you can capture the “Kodak,” moment for all times. Fly rods offer the angler a range of options based on the butt angle to the fish. At or near 90-degrees to the fish’s pull, a rod is a long shock absorber that helps protect lighter tippet. At 45-degrees, the effective lever shortens and the bottom half of the rod now has bend, has more power and allows you to put more pressure on a fish. Heavy tippet and big strong fish allow for fighting angles that are very slight: 15 to 25-degrees. The bend or load is now down in the butt, the most powerful part of the rod. The A2 design accommodates all three and lets you choose how and when to apply pressure.

All Axiom II rods include a case.

"I think of the Axiom rods as 'launch pads' because their incredibly smooth power delivery literally rockets the line out on its flight path. To achieve maximum line acceleration, these rods are designed to effect a complete stop at the conclusion of the casting stroke with virtually no remaining vibration. The result is a smooth, shock-free, line trajectory." 

- Nick Curcione

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