Thingamabobber - 3/4" Multiclor, 3 Pack

Thingamabobber - 3/4" Multiclor, 3 Pack

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Thingamabobber - 3/4" MultiColor, 3 Pack

Thingamabobber Strike Indicators feature trapped air technology so the indicator rides high on the water. These lightweight round indicators are very easy to cast. The line guides are gentle on light leaders and are easy to attach and adjust for water depth.

Features of the Thingamabobber - 3/4" MultiColor, 3 Pack:

• Highly visible
• Ultra sensitive
• Casts like a champ in any weather condition
• Easy to attach and adjust yet stays in place on your line
• Never sinks and requires no floatant
• Comes in a variety of colors
• Durable and affordable
• The Thingambobber also comes in a variety of sizes: 1/2", 3/4", 1” and 1¼"

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