Winston Boron Iiix Super 10 Fly Rod
Winston Boron Iiix Super 10 Fly Rod
Winston Boron Iiix Super 10 Fly Rod
Winston Boron Iiix Super 10 Fly Rod
Winston Boron Iiix Super 10 Fly Rod
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Winston Boron Iiix Super 10 Fly Rod

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European Style Nymph Fishing

Winston created this series of specialized nymphing fly rods consisting of three 10-foot models in 3, 4 and 5wt. Each has been specifically designed for high sticking and European style nymph fishing. Dynamic Boron III technology, combined with a longer length, progressive medium action and finely tuned rod design, provides exact, delicate control of line, leader and fly placement.

The new Boron III Super 10 rods were designed with versatility in mind. They can handle a range of technical nymph techniques such as double nymphs, weighted nymphs, strike indicators and light streamers. The rods offer Winston's advanced “Shooting Guides” with a new specialized down locking reel seat to improve weight distribution and a 2˝ cork extension on the grip to reduce arm fatigue.

• Advanced Boron III Technology

• Sensitive tip to detect subtle takes

• Stronger mid-section for accurate fly placement

• Strong lower half to control larger fish

• 2" cork extension reduces arm fatigue in high-stick and extended reach situations

ROD WEIGHTS: 3, 4 and 5 wt.

GRIP DESIGN: 6.5” Cigar. 1” fighting butt

ACTION: Medium-Fast


GUIDES: Hard chrome snake "Shooting Guides" with chrome nano-lite stripping guides

REEL SEAT: Tiger maple reel seat with downlocking nickel silver hardware.

STORAGE: Premium graphite rod tube with embroidered logo rod sock

3WT: Perfect for virtually any tight line nymphing applications when sensitivity means the difference between a hook up or making another drift.

4WT. A true all-arounder from dry flies to indicators, it has more power for windy days yet retains plenty of finesse for tippet protection.

5WT. The choice for heavy flies and longer leaders on bigger rivers and stillwater fishing.

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