Stillwater Rewards Program

How to Earn & Spend Points

  • Log into your account (register for an account if you are a new customer). Buy any in-line product to receive points towards the Loyalty Points. Most purchases = 1 point per dollar spent.
  • After a period of 30 days from your purchase and you have 250 ($25) accumulated in your Loyalty Points Account, you will receive an automated email indicating your Loyalty Points have been assigned. Loyalty Rewards certificates are valid for 90 days after the email.
  • Points awarded outside of purchases follow the same guidelines as indicated above with regard to timeline of delivery and usage.
  • The purpose for waiting 30 days to deliver the points is to allow for our 30 day return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many loyalty points do I have?

  • Once you are logged in your points will be displayed by clicking the "Rewards" icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Once it loads, you will see your points in the top area to the right of your name.

How do I use my loyalty points?

  • Log into your account and prior to checking out, click the "Rewards" Icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Click the "Redeem Points" button and choose how many points you would like to apply to your order using the slider.
  • The system will automatically apply your points to your checkout.

When do my points expire?

  • Points expire 90 days after the email notification of points earned.

What is my point balance?

  • If points are available for use, click the "Rewards" Icon in the lower right of the screen while you are logged in to the site.

Can I re-use my loyalty points?

  • Points can be used one time until more are accumulated.

Examples of how our Loyalty Program works

For each dollar you spend, Stillwater gives you one point. For example: You purchase a new Sage rod for $750.00. For this purchase alone you would receive 750 points.

There are a variety of ways to earn points which you can see by clicking the "Rewards" Icon in the lower right of the screen.

Click "Earning Points" to see all the ways you may receive points while shopping with us.

Guest accounts do not earn loyalty points. Please remember that if you use multiple accounts, your loyalty points may be split among them. If at all possible, only have one account with us.

Points are not given for purchases of Sale Items [including gift certificates on promo sales], Trade-Up or Demo Gear, or payments made with Stillwater Gift Certificates or discount codes and do not apply to purchases made on Ebay or Amazon. Points cannot be transferred to another customer.

Program terms subject to change at any time without notification from Stillwater Fly Shop.

Since early 2008 Stillwater Fly Shop has catered to a variety of customers all over the world. Some of you have been coming back again and again due to the quality of product and our customized service. We wanted to implement a way to say thank you to both old and new customers alike. To show customer appreciation the Loyalty Program was rolled out in November of 2015.