Orvis New Zealand Strike Indicator

Orvis New Zealand Strike Indicator

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This wool strike indicator provides ultimate sensitivity and subtleness.

Presentation is perhaps the most important part of catching fish. When fishing nymphs beneath an indicator in front of spooky trout, having the perfect indicator could be the difference between landing a giant and going home disappointed. This is the best indicator we've found. Easy to attach and remove, this kit includes an applicator tool, a sampling of white and chartreuse wool, and 12 inches of size small replacement tubing. It's subtle as it lands on the water, sensitive when fish touch the fly, and won't get bogged down with water. Combo pack now includes four colors of yarn (black, white, orange, chartreuse.) Size large tubing is used to make larger indicators, size small is used to make smaller indicators. Imported.

• Easily attaches and removes

• Applicator tool

• White and Chartreuse wool

• 12 inches size small replacement tubing

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